Best Pizza in West Haven, CT

Baked Fresh Every Day

Come in and see our large variety of stuffed breads


Catering available, ask for our large variety of homemade party trays: Lasagna, Eggplant, Baked Ziti, Chicken Home-style.


Call ahead to make your own personal choice




Michaelangelo Pizza Pocket

Large (Stuffed Pizza)

2 items $ 19.95, 3 items $ 22.95

Medium (Stuffed Pizza)

2 items $ 16.95, 3 items $ 19.95


Small $ 8.95, Medium $ 10.95, Large $ 13.95

Extra items :

Small $ 1.75, Medium $ 2.25, Large $ 2.95

Sicilian Pizza

Large Tray 18" $ 16.95, Party Tray $ 29.95

Extra items :

Large Size $ 2.95, Party Size $ 6.95

Michaelangelo Bakery


Large Italian Bread

$ 2.95


Small Italian Bread

$ 1.50


Old Fashioned Bread

$ 4.95


Ciabatta Bread (White or Wheat)

$ 3.95


Rosetta Rolls (White or Wheat)

$ 1.00


I love this place. I get a slice or two of broccoli and tomato about twice a week....they never fail me, its sooo delicious...thinking about trying something new today..😏😏😋😍

Great pizza, but they don't stop there. They have fresh baked bread (also amazing), and they sell their marinara and tomato sauce in giant masons jars because it's that good. Hand tossed and Italian ran kitchen. If you go here their signature pizza seems to be the fresh tomato and basil pizza.

Phenomenal! A perfect pizza! Love the staff, they're always quick, kind and considerate.

Really like the pizza. I go here when I feel like treating myself. I like their slice variety. Plus lots of opions in the case to choose from to eat there or take home. Foxon Park Soda!!! Very reasonable prices. Parking on and off route 34. sweet!